Pregnancy: Pre-Pregnancy / Prenatal / Postnatal.


Pre -Pregnancy:

Pirrai guides you to have a safe conception:

  • The traditional, holistic, natural &  healthy way towards a natural pregnancy experience……….
  • Meditation with mudras by varmam techniques to energize yourself towards having a calm and peaceful pregnancy….
  • Diet Management……
  • Importance of Pre–Conception Checkups…….
  • Daily routine activities which in turn as an exercise will keep you fit all day long and to have a happy sexual life….
  • Pre-pregnancy care enhanced through Varmam Therapy…
  • Helping and guiding you for weight management
  • BMI, BMR, & TDEE Limits based on individual needs to avoid pregnancy-related complications.
  • DO`S and Don’t`s


  • IN PIRRAI we also educate on:
  • Prenatal Care is the First component of safe Motherhood initiative
  • To promote, protect and maintain the health of pregnant women
  • To educate on elements of proper fetus growth by proper  nutrition, hygiene, and sanitation
  • Traditional methods and daily activities to promote safe and healthy delivery.
  • Communication with the baby in the womb using by varmam applications.
  • Meditation to remove anxiety, stress, and fear associated with pregnancy
  • The preparation of mother for labor and lactation.


* We at PIRRAI answer and deal with your queries and anxieties:


* Why you should avoid stress during the whole of Pregnancy?

*How to prevent Heartburn during Pregnancy?

* How to reduce vomiting (early morning sickness)?

* How can I prevent Stretch marks?

* What are the safe fitness activities for pregnant mother’s?

* what is ectopic pregnancy & how to know it?

* Can I travel during pregnancy?

* How to reduce back pain during pregnancy?

*  How to prevent leg cramps?




 Mother Care:

  • PIRRAI using scientific methods puts you at ease to recover, and to adjust to the changes of post-pregnancy….…
  • Massages to the newborn and the mother are taught at PIRRAI by doctors.
  • Techniques are administered and taught to bring down the postpartum blues.
  • Balanced food and nutrition at home by traditional techniques (PATTI VAITHIYAM).
  • Building rapport between mother and newborn.
  • Counseling on general hygiene and Immunization schedules focused.
  • Postpartum pain management by application of varmam points to the mother.
  • Providing guidance and information about lactation, breastfeeding & newborn care
  • Developing proper Sleep pattern
  • Exercise techniques and schedules

New Born Care:

  • Handling a Newborn, including supporting the baby’s neck
  • Changing Diapers and Dressing
  • Baby bath & massage
  • Feeding & Burping
  • Cleaning the umbilical cord
  • Tips for soothing the baby
  • General hygiene
  • Immunization


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