Physical Activities & Exercise

Benefits of Regular Activity:

Exercise increases your energy level and controls your stress

Physical activity reduces the risk of developing several diseases.

Exercise improves muscle strength and maintains a healthy weight within the BMI limits

It strengthens your bones, increases your muscle mass, improves blood circulation.

It helps to avoid getting osteoporosis,  diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Keeping fit can  reduce the process of ageing

Exercise improves your brain function and promotes better sleep.

Physical activity improves your well being physically and mentally.

Exercise puts the spark back into your sex life.

It improves your immune system





We at PIRRAI, help you finalize your exercises and schedule as per your need.

Meditation and Muthra’s and Manthra’s to prevent ageing

Traditional games and exercises:

Sanguchakra, Nondi, Kolikundu

Parupu kadaithal, Thandukuli

Kanamoochi, Kayir thanduthal

Rope climbing, Orukudam Neer

Outdoor: – Trekking, Nature trips,  Rafting, camping



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