Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to provide to the society and the individual, a cost-effective holistic medical treatment with nil side effects combining Allopathic mainstream form of treatment

with ancient varmam therapy and other traditional alternative therapies for children, Gynecology & General medicine.

We revive the forgotten age-old traditional medical methods practiced by great sages and Maharishi’s of our rich culture and reach out to the world,

with a comprehensive treatment strategy.

The institution aspires to be the leader in integrated medical therapy including varmam for differently-abled children.

Pirrai aims to be the pioneer in developing and providing cost-effective comprehensive treatment.



To impart lifestyle management, through a holistic approach of combining western school of medicine and Indian traditional methods.

parting of knowledge and training students and other interested individuals for general well being.

To develop and advance the knowledge, attitude, and skills of Varmam and other alternative-therapy practitioners and staff members to provide

comprehensive, cost-effective, integrated medical care to patients, improve patient outcomes and meet societal needs for safe and stress-free happy living.

Translating research into health care, to make it cost-effective and accessible to the full spectrum of society.

To extend effective treatment in key areas of healthcare with the traditional medical methods which are on the verge of extinction.

We offer counseling, Lifestyle management, Stress handling in the day to day life.

Creating awareness about key health issues for children and adults with an emphasis on native medical values and methods for prevention and treatment of diseases.

At PIRRAI we help you to overcome the stress of pregnancy and make pregnancy a memorable lifetime experience.



Objectives & Strategic Plan:

Our goal in PIRRAI to empower the clients with the information needed for a safe and satisfactory treatment.

Every individual is different, so are their needs and requirements.

Hence, our motive is to give personal care depending upon the requirement to anyone who approaches PIRRAI.

Happy childbirth experience with a great connection between mother and newborn from the day of conception by varmam and other traditional knowledge.

To reach the targeted BMI for Overweight and obesity people by providing a healthy nutritional home plan with physical activities (Indoor & Outdoor).

PIRRAI takes care of differently-abled children individually by our caring and dedicated staff who are well trained to adapt and adjust according to the individual needs and treat them by appropriate therapy.

LifeStyle Management is taught to lead a happy, stress-free and energetic life by cultivating the forgotten traditional holistic Indian methods of life science which

were taught by our great Maharishi’s and Sidhar’s for ages and followed by our ancestors.




PIRRAI provides you with an array of traditional, natural, self-healing methods of traditional treatment combined with modern medical science.

Traditional medicines comprise of the medical aspects of knowledge that developed over generations within various societies before the era of modern medicines.

We also support and train, with our traditionally designed, well-practiced, tested and proven method of integrated medicine, by offering short personalized courses to meet the requirements.



Medical Team:

Headed by :

Dr. Deiva Priyananth MBBS., DCH., FIG.
Pediatric Consultant
Managing Director – Pirrai Pediatrics
Vice President – Thirumoolar Varmam Research Center

Under the able guidance of Aasaan Dr.N.Shunmogam, Chairman, Thirumoolar Arts Research Institute,

Along with a team of specialized teams of doctors and efficient well-trained staff we conduct classes, courses, and integrated treatment.


Dr.Kanimozhi.M.A., BSMS, MBA, DVM, Medical Officer

Thirumoolar Varmam Research and Therapy Centre,

10A – Kavundampalayam, CBE – 30

Dr. K.Elavarasan. M.D.,(Sidhdha) PDCR (Clinical Research) Delhi

Dr. Amala

Dr. Dhirisha

Dr. S.Sugunthan. M.D.,(Sidhdha) Varmam Expert

National Institute Of Sidhdha Tambaram Sanatorium


Dr. R,Shailaja M.D.,(Sidhdha) Reasearch Associate

Sidhdha Central Research Institute

Arumbakkam, Chennai


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