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Before we jump in to obesity treatment it is essential for us to know what is obesity, its causes and ill-effects.


  • Obesity has reached epidemic levels in developed as well as in developing countries.
  • It is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated. As a result it will have adverse effect on health.
  • We have sought the sedentary lifestyle due to electronic gadgets and junk foods. Therefore, obesity has become a growing concern especially among children.
  • The traditional treatment of obesity includes a change in lifestyle, nutritional balance, and regular exercise schedule. For instance, avoiding junk food and going after traditional food; cycling and other outdoor games instead of spending time on mobile phones and video games.

Child Obesity:

  • We undertake regular physical training after school hours for the convenience of school goers.
  • Weekend outdoor short trips conducted
  • The ill effects on children by having fast and junk foods are explained
  • Prevention of child obesity requires a coordinated approach by teaching and training children and their caregivers.
  • Varmam massage Therapy to reduce obesity.
  • Age old earthen pot cooking and eating habits cultured at PIRRAI.
  • Helping to reach the required Weight within BMI limits in a safe way.
  • Varmam Therapy stimulates the subtle energy required for left and right brain activation (BRAIN – GYM).
  • Simple meditation and mantra with mudra’s taught to have a stress free alert mind.
  • Traditional games indoor and outdoor activities are taught to keep the body and mind fit and flexible
  • Healthy Diet Regime and importance of Breakfast with Cow’s ghee
  • Do’s & Don’ts

Adult Obesity:

  • Varmam Therapy is done to induce proper digestion and to stimulate proper excretion.
  • Age old earthen pot cooking and eating habits cultured at PIRRAI.
  • Varmam Massage Therapy to reduce obesity.
  • Helping to reach the required Weight within BMI limits in a safe way.
  • Importance of day to day physical activities and Exercises
  • We teach you traditional games indoor and outdoor activities to keep the body and mind fit and flexible
  • We will give you Healthy dietary home plans
  • Importance of Naadan foods and avoidance of junk foods are advised
  • Avoiding microwave and reheated food.
  • How to manage Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Do’s & Don’ts

Obesity is best tackled at PIRRAI, with a mixture of traditional and modern medical science. Above all, there are no side effects to our obesity treatment. Our weight loss centre in Coimbatore not only helps you treat obesity but also change your lifestyle for good.

How do we Treat Obesity at Pirrai – Best Weight Loss Center in Coimbatore?

Best holistic obesity treatment in Coimbatore. Pirrai’s obesity clinic tries to focus on environmental strategies to make healthy eating and active living. Most importantly, affordable and accessible for everyone.

  • Teaching traditional food habits with recipes.
  • Outdoor and Indoor activities
  • Native exercises and games
  • Mudra’s & Manthra’s

Moreover, maintaining a healthy weight is important for your health. In conclusion, getting back to our traditional lifestyle can be very effective to fight obesity.

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