Mother Care:

  • Pirrai puts you at ease to recover the pre-pregnancy state, and to adjust to the changes of post-pregnancy….…
  • Varmam massages to the newborn and the mother are done and taught at PIRRAI by doctors/experts.
  • Postpartum pain management
  • Bring down the postpartum blues.
  • Building the rapport between mother and newborn.
  • Counseling on general hygiene and sleep pattern
  • Diet management at home by traditional techniques (PATTI VAITHIYAM).
  • Guidance and information about lactation, breastfeeding & newborn care
  • Postnatal Exercise

New Born Care:

  • Baby bath & massage
  • Breast Feeding, Diet & Nutrition
  • Newborn Clothing
  •  Developmental milestones
  • General hygiene
  • Immunization Schedule
  • Consultation
  • Newborn Photography
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